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Pining for the Fjords
A long squawk
4th-Dec-2011 08:23 pm - an actual picture post
I mentioned in my last post that we were in New Orleans for Halloween this year. I don't take many pictures, and all I have is a cell camera, but here are a few.
Because there is no way not to take a spooky picture in a NOLA cemeteryCollapse )

Bonus kitchen picCollapse )

Note to self: No matter how long it has been since you last messed with html do not, under any circumstances, click on the "rich text" link at any point when writing a post.
3rd-Dec-2011 08:10 pm - What on earth happened to November?
Okay, If I think about it, I do know what happened. In bullet form, like the tech writer I used to be
  • Went to New Orleans at the very end of October and met with M-TNG-1, who is working in Louisiana
  • Visited Marie Leveau's tomb and some spooky graveyards on Halloween day
  • Sat in a nice restaurant on Bourbon street that night, watching Halloween in NOLA pass us by (yes, I know most of that was still October, but by bedtime it was November)
  • Stayed for a week at a turn-of-the-last-century hotel, sightseeing
  • Petted a baby alligator in a swamp
  • Discovered work had gotten even more backed up than usual, leading to more overtime than usual
  • Got surprising call from contractor saying he could probably get my new kitchen cabinets installed by Thanksgiving if I could empty every blessed thing out of the room right away
  • Spent 5 nervous days with no kitchen sink, wondering if he really could
  • Had all my helpers at work pulled for another project (hardly a novel occurrence)
  • Almost fainted with shock when new cabinets and counter tops were installed just before Thanksgiving
  • Managed to get the kitchen into a useable condition
  • Spent a wonderful long weekend with Jwaneeta, M:TNG-2, and two of TNG-2's college friends
  • Worked yet more overtime and somehow managed to make project goals by the end of the month
And now I've dumped all Mr. M's clothes on our bed because the shelves in his closet decided to fall apart. I'm putting in new organizers, which will be very nice when they're done, but right now I'm very tired and we will be sleeping in one of the kid's rooms tonight.

ETA: I know I should post pictures of at least some of this, or it didn't happen, but all my pictures are on my cell, which I have forgotten to recharge.
21st-Oct-2011 12:07 pm - Are they really this clueless?
I just received an email from a Christian organization with the statement below. I find it hard to believe such an uptight group would make this pun intentionally, but almost as hard to believe that they could miss it.

'A coalition of military chaplain endorsers is concerned about a radical homosexual organization's imminent attack against traditional marriage, but a Christian political activist believes "gay" activists are beginning to realize that most Americans will not support "full-blown homosexual marriage."'

All that is setting aside the inaccuracy of the statement, since polls are showing that at least a plurality does approve equal marriage.
23rd-Sep-2011 07:11 pm - Operation Smile
Such a very well-named organization.

14th-Sep-2011 11:28 pm - Knitting
This is a yarn shop near me. I don't know whether to thank them or curse them for feeding my interest in knitting. They are amazingly nice, and I would never have figured out how to graft the toes of a sock if one of the salespeople hadn't shown me very patiently after I happened to mention I was having trouble. There are always people sitting around knitting and chatting. And there's usually some incredibly complex and lovely project lying casually on a table, giving me an inferiority complex. It's all very cozy and inevitably makes me wonder what I'm doing in a place like that.

They sell online, if you're interested in expensive but gorgeous material.
13th-Sep-2011 07:20 pm - Dear Michele Bachmann,
You say that you were approached by a woman who told you her daughter became mentally retarded after getting the Gardasil vaccine.

So? My daughter graduated summa cum laude and was accepted into Phi Beta Kappa shortly after getting the same vaccine.

I'd try to explain why some thing one person told you with no evidence of cause and effect is not a reason to scare parents shitless about something that can protect their kids. But either you already know that and are using this for political gain, or you are incapable of understanding.
13th-Sep-2011 06:51 pm - Hi there, FL
I've been able to pick up reading on DW and LJ lately, so I don't feel too embarrassed about starting to post again. Even when I don't have anything to say, I've enjoyed reading fandom posts and seeing that some people are still out there playing. It's a little bit like old times, although with a much smaller population. I know people have left for Facebook and other shores they find sunnier, but I still prefer this format.

My mom has had some health problems, and so have I, but things are looking up right now. Besides, it's Fall, which means the temps are frequently under 100F and that always cheers me up, at least until we hit the sub-zeroes later in the year.

I don't have huge news. Let's see: I lost some crockery this weekend when a shelf gave way and I am seriously considering having my ancient kitchen cabinets replaced. Mr. M and I are planning to go to New Orleans around Halloween. My baby has started her last year of college and my firstborn is now in the classroom as a teacher, which means that without tuition payments looming I may be able to afford the new cabinets.

Sorry, that's all I've got.
26th-Jun-2011 07:27 pm - back to the grindstone
My sister is now staying with my mother, so I was able to get back home and back to work. The end-of-month rush is more rushed than usual because of my unscheduled two-and-a-half week vacation.

Mom sounded better when I talked to her today, so perhaps she will improve more than her doctor expects. He can't possibly know just how tough she is.

I'm taking a break from work now, and "The Core" is on SyFy. I can't help but love a movie that has Stanley Tucci (with hair!) and lands a space shuttle in the Los Angeles River just to introduce Hillary Swank's character.

And congratulations New York! Mr. M keeps telling our NY friends it's nice they've finally caught up with us here in Iowa.
southpark me with help from kes
19th-Jun-2011 11:35 am - breaking radio silence
First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially Mr. M, who is currently handling all parental duties back on the prairie. (Because the sprogs have morphed into adults, these duties seem to consist of loaning my car to M:TNG-2, plus offering moral support. But he's really good at the moral support.) There's been a lot going on, and I've completely neglected fandom, even blowing off my Seasonal Spuffy obligation for the first time ever.

Just lately, I've been staying with my mom and drivingthis.Collapse )
8th-Feb-2011 08:57 pm - Sign of the times
I lost my cell phone, which was not much of a disaster, because I was due for an upgrade. I got a new one today, and I spent over a half hour playing around to see what it could do before it occurred to me to find out how to use it to make a phone call.
30th-Jan-2011 07:16 pm - what's up
We're getting more snow.

M:TNG-2 is back at school.

I've been trying to get caught up with LJ every few days, although I haven't commented much.

The following items in the Murchison residence broke last week:

Garage door
Garbage disposal
Cable box

All is now fixed except the garbage disposal.

Work is actually getting slightly less busy. Of course, by typing this, I'm jinxing it.
17th-Jan-2011 12:23 pm - quote for the day
It is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he should lift himself up by his own bootstraps. It is even worse to tell a man to lift himself up by his own bootstraps when somebody is standing on the boot.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.
3rd-Jan-2011 11:19 am - rescheduling the apocalypse
How did I miss the news that there's a new date for the end of the world? It's May 21, 2011, so I'm glad I scheduled my vacation in April. Really, I thought we had until 2012. I saw a movie about it.

Ah, well, perhaps God will reschedule, as he has so many times. He may be omnipotent, but he's also almighty bad at keeping appointments.
3rd-Jan-2011 11:00 am - arriving late to the party
Stolen from just about everyone:

Copy and Paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way.

This is my end of the year shout out to the many friends I have never been in the same room with but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways.

And, of course, there are those of you who I met online and later came to know in person. You have all enriched my life.
2nd-Jan-2011 02:01 pm - I plot to become a crackpot
keswindhover and I just had one of those conversations that end, "We should post this to LJ." So here goes:

keswindhover: *makes note to stop using inverted commas
me: as long as you don't misuse apostrophes I will still love you
keswindhover: phew
me: I can handle a typo now and then but my teeth grind when someone uses an apostrophe for emphasis
or adds an accent mark randomly to a word to make it look French
keswindhover: ah, haven't seen that one
me: like on the last e of boutique
not French enough unless you add an accent, apparently
almost as bad as "ye olde"and we were off...Collapse )
sergeant colon
24th-Dec-2010 08:31 pm - all together now
We just picked M:TNG-2 at the Orlando airport, a week after she was supposed to return from her semester in the UK. She looked around in reverse culture shock and said, "This is all so ...American."

Merry Chistmas to those who celebrate and good wishes to all.
madonna by lit_gal
23rd-Dec-2010 05:29 pm - wishing you a happy and safe holiday
I'm posting from the back seat of a car using a phone because none of my Florida relatives have wifi. We are trying to gather at my mom's after visiting in-laws, and are still waiting for M-TNG;2 whose flight from England was canceled last week. Keswindhover offered her refuge and she should be able to fly out of Heathrow tomorrow.

I hope you and your families are enjoying the season.
candle by lit_gal
18th-Nov-2010 08:48 pm - Fic: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
I posted a story in the latest round of Seasonal Spuffy.

Title: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
Author: Miss Murchison
Rating: PG and only that for one vague joke
Word count: About 4000

Summary: This is a sequel to Who's the Doctor? and Where's the Doctor?, my previous BtVS/Doctor Who crossovers.

This one involves the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace. Chapter One is here.
13th-Nov-2010 05:36 pm - I played inside today
Folks, I rewired a light fixture! It only took me about 20 times as long as just about anyone else possessed of opposable thumbs, and I didn't kill anything except one light bulb. We did have to reset all the clocks in the house because I couldn't figure out which breaker controlled the laundry room lights, but, damn it, I rewired a light fixture. And to top that, I stopped a toilet from running in less than 10 minutes, by completing the highly technical task of popping off the flapper that didn't fit and replacing it with one that did.

I was tempted to make today the day I run around changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, but why press your luck?
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